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The miTAS Media Box

Concept of the media box

The media box is an Internet platform, on which a wide variety of materials and information can be found. This content can be used in different learning phases (see concept), contexts, and by different learning groups.

The media box can be used in every phase of the individual, self-directed learning process.

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further topics

  • users of miTAS (learners, accompanists, people with and without disabilities
  • persons who are interested in miTAS

The media box can be used according to

  • individual needs,
  • one’s own interest,
  • resource-oriented,
  • individual requirements,
  • one’s own learning pace (time of use, duration and frequency of use)
  • the desired learning situation.

In addition, an exchange between the users of the media box can take place.

The contents of the media box are designed to be barrier-free and versatile, for example by addressing different sensory channels. In addition to explanatory videos, image films, checklists and worksheets, explanatory texts are also available that can be used

  • during the preparation of a deployment of miTAS,
  • in handling and using miTAS,
  • and for the fixed implementation of miTAS.

The media box is constantly being developed and enriched with supporting materials and information. The following questions are already answered in the media box in the form of explanatory videos:

  • what is miTAS?
  • where and in which contexts can miTAS be used?
  • who can use miTAS?
  • how can tasks be created in miTAS?
  • how can tasks be assigned to a user profile?

The start page of the media box shows five different gears that represent the phases of miTAS usage. Information and materials are available for the following phases:

  • Conveying
  • Getting to know
  • Deepening
  • Acquiring
  • Reflecting

When clicking on the gears, the available videos, texts and other materials and information are displayed. The content of the different gears depends on whether and how miTAS is used. For example, the gear "Getting to know" contains materials and information that show what miTAS is and what it can do. This content supports users in an early phase of the implementation process.

As the media box is constantly being developed, the media box range will also expand over time, with further information, materials, and helpful tools.

The contents of the media box are intended to encourage the use of the miTAS app and to imitate the usage. It explains in a simple way how and for what purpose miTAS can be used. It shall contribute to

  • counteract possible barriers in the use of miTAS
  • solve possible difficulties quickly, efficiently and without problems
  • simplify the use of miTAS
  • promote the exchange between miTAS users or people interested in miTAS
  • strengthen the networking of miTAS users and those interested in miTAS
  • and to strengthen the common learning and application process across target groups.