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Phase „Acquiring“

The acquisition of competencies using the miTAS app is based on the assumption that through instruction and frequent use of the app a process of autonomy of the individual is set in motion. The user should be increasingly enabled to develop content and - in line with this phase - to increasingly acquire it independently. In this phase, a gradual "emancipation" from the instructional strategies of the previous two phases thus takes place. This is replaced by a kind of self-directed learning that enables the individual to create his or her own practical life or work content in the app as processes. This step is simplified by the principle of the UDL. Through the free access to various media and methods from the media box, the users learn to access the content suitable for them and bundle it in a kind of personal toolbox to optimize their learning. The phase of acquisition is still supported by the learning accompanists, but they are increasingly acting as moderators or coaches and moving away from their role as "explaining" persons.