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Phase "Organizational preparation”

The introduction of the app requires a preparation that includes several steps from the initial information to the decision to use the app. The preparation is therefore primarily an organizational measure in which the professional staff of an organization determines the use of the miTAS app. At the end of the process the decision is made whether or not the organisation wants to use the miTAS app.
These phases are not part of the pedagogical phase model per se but are preceded by it. This is indicated by a green colour gradient in the figure. If an organisation decides to use the miTAS app, it usually defines two target groups for its use: the learning accompanists and the users.

The users of miTAS
These are people with learning disabilities who are employed by an organization or who participate in an inclusion or integration project. The term organisation here also explicitly includes a small learning group that is undergoing intitial training or induction training. These are the main addressees of the miTAS project.

The learning accompanists of miTAS
The learning guides are usually part of the organization's professional staff and support the users in acquiring the respective skills. Usually these will be educators, teachers or trainers. They act within the framework of this pedagogical-didactic concept by a mix of methods consisting of instruction, subject-specific practical instruction and the offer of individual and group work. The gradual independence of the users is the focus of their work.

Both groups of addressees can access the media box accompanying the miTAS for support. The media box contains various materials for the preparation phase, which can support the internal preparation within the organization. These include, for example, a barrier-free PowerPoint presentation with a master slide layout that can be adapted by the institution or organization and used to present the project to colleagues. Flyers already created in the project with the most important brief information about the miTAS app as well as an image video to arouse interest can also be used in this phase.